Monday, May 9, 2016

Club Campout and Exploration Trip

Thank-you Jerome and Sandra for hosting a club campout and exploration adventure this weekend. Thanks also to Jason for always knowing exactly where we were, although his maps and images didn't tell him where the brush was over grown!

Tick count when I left was three on clothing, and one attached.

I rode in the lead vehicle, and a highlight of the trip was one huge black bear running away from us, and a mother brown bear and her cub in the middle of the road, mother eating, cub attached, unaware that we were there, but the sound of the truck going in to park so that the driver could take my camera was enough to scare them off.

Eleven club members were out on Saturday, with 9 camping and out the second day.

Sasquatch Rock

Not what we were looking for but stumbled upon a quarry.


When waiting to figure out which way to go, there are always wildflowers to photograph.

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