Tuesday, May 30, 2017

BCLS Calendar Contest

Have a cool rock photo to share? BCLS Calendar contest deadline July 1st.

 A Note from the Calendar Girl                                       February 8th 2017.

The BCLS 2018 Calendar Photo Contest is in happening again.  I am looking forward to coordinating the BCLS Calendar for my third year.  We are looking for photos of your rockhounding finds, from BC.
 I would like to share a few tips on submitting photos for our contest.
The style of calendar that we print has the photos printed to the very edge of the page.  In printing terms this means that we need to have bleed.  The photos must actually be ¼” larger than the page, all the way around, so that it overlaps the edge, in order to print this way.  If the photo is not large enough, the image will run off the edge of the page.  So don’t over crop your photos.  We will crop if necessary.
The calendar that the society produces is in landscape format.  That means the pages are wider than they are high.  The size is 11 x 8 ½”.  It is difficult and sometimes impossible to use portrait oriented photographs in this style of calendar.  Please submit landscape oriented photos.
If you have a background, choose it carefully.  A contrast is nice.  Make sure it compliments your specimen, but doesn’t compete with it.  It should never be distracting.  In general, lighter colour specimens look good on darker back grounds and vice versa. 
Make sure you read the rules.  The complete set of rules for the contest are posted on the BCLS website.
It is quite acceptable to reshoot your specimens and submit them again.
We are looking for photographs that will make people want to go out rockhounding themselves. 
The contest closes Canada Day, July 1st 2017. 
Submit your photos to denisecullen@telus.net

aka The Calendar Girl

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