Sunday, May 27, 2018

Club Tailgate at June Meeting

FYI, the last meeting before the summer break will be exciting because we will have our tailgate rock sale, open to all Club members, as a Club fund raiser.  Jerome, Sandra, Duane and I divided the boxes of donated rock material, (which Jerome and Sandra had been storing in their garage for the Club), into about 25 containers, to be brought to the June meeting.  The smaller “buckets” are plastic tubs about the size of a large coffee container.  The material is rough, colourful, varying in size from small tumbler material to larger specimens, mostly able to be polished or collectable on its own.  For example, there are concretions like small marbles, apache tears, desert roses, agates, jasper, chalcedony, minerals and ore, and the list goes on.  The smaller buckets have a suggested price of $10 and the few larger boxes could be $15 or $20. 

The idea is that every member would have the option of purchasing one of the buckets, at least, including those members who are unable to attend the meeting.  We would need to hear from absent members in order to reserve a bucket.  (Mike, I know that you, for one, were aware this was in the plan, that you would not be at this meeting, and that you wanted one of the lots, so we just need to hear back from you that you have not changed your mind and we will put one aside for you.)  If you will be absent and want a bucket, please reply to this email and we will set one aside for you.  One of the larger samples, which don’t fit that well into the buckets will be distributed with each purchase.  Hopefully purchasers will do some trading back and forth if they don’t get quite what they are most interested in and have materials they are willing to barter with to make things more lively.

With the cancellation of Rendezvous, many of us have extra baked goods that were intended for the Hospitality Table, so the suggestion is that those members who did the baking bring about a dozen of those goodies to the meeting for our evening consumption.  Don’t eat too much at dinner before the meeting so you have room for cookies, muffins, biscotti or whatever we are lucky enough to be offered.  That’s assuming that there are any extras left by June 6th!

Given all the planning that went into field trips around Rock Creek, we are hoping that the Club can make several of the planned field trips in the coming months, weather permitting.  For example, several of us visited a dolomite quarry near Rock Creek with the claim owner just before the long weekend and if a second visit can be arranged, it would be great.  The drive in was beautiful, the view was incredible, several excellent samples were found and the product polishes well.  Duane, please bring your specimen to the next meeting. Donna and Dennis, please bring in your agate samples from the last field trip as well.

Finally, please give some thought to our Club leadership in the next two years.  Elections are scheduled for September 5th and a new executive team is needed to keep up momentum.  The Nominating Committee will be calling in the next months, asking if you will stand for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary for a two year term.  I will continue as Past President on the Executive, although I will not have a vote on Executive decisions.  Please corner existing officers to learn more about their duties and know that existing officers will assist in the transitions.  We live in exciting times and it has been good to be part of the Club executive team planning our path.

See you at the next meeting.
President, Penticton Geology and Lapidary Club

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