Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thank-you post - West Boundary Connect

Unfortunately due to high water and road outages, the BC Lapidary Society had to cancel its “Rock Hounding” event on the May long weekend.
The group has asked that a special “Thank You” be sent out to the West Boundary community, in response to the assistance and kindness shown amidst a crisis.
“We were so well supported in this action by people throughout the Boundary area.
Paul Chaput, Joe Falkowski, Barry Noll, Golden Dawn resources all helped out with sites for the event. McMynns was most supportive and understanding about the food we had ordered. Jodi and the Fair Grounds were so cooperative and understanding of our need to cancel and not bring 200 people into an evacuation zone. Pat Henley was also so supportive in working within her community to keep people up to date on the event.”
“Thank you to all of those who assisted in helping us plan this event. The spirit of the Boundary country is one to be proud of.”
The BC Lapidary Society is the umbrellas society for BC rock-hounding clubs. With events coordinated around the province such as the Abbotsford Gem Show. The society is also responsible for multiple rendezvous, such as the one planned for Rock Creek. They will typically host one in the interior and another in a more remote location of British Columbia.
The Society works with clubs & smaller societies around British Columbia and is a wealth of knowledge and passion.
The organization has been in contact and will be sure to advise the West Boundary community if and when they next return. It will, no doubt, be a much anticipated event.
By Colby Mullis| June 13th, 2018|News

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