Sunday, December 7, 2014

Next Meeting - April

The next meeting will be April 1st, 7:30pm at Leir House in Penticton. A draft calendar of club outings is now posted on this site.

Please review the draft constitution sent out with the November minutes, and forward your comments , suggestions or concerns to Jerome by the end of March.

BC Gem Show
April 10, 11 & 12, 2015

New to BC Gem Show:
Rocklovers-Round-Up Tailgate Sale
Building #2, Agr-Rec - April 11, 2015
Please bring items for the club display at the BC Gem Show to the April meeting.

Christmas Party 2014

There was a good turn out for the Club Christmas party on Saturday. The potluck meal was great, and the visiting even better. The silent auction raised 129.00, of which $100 will be donated to the Soupateria, and the balance for the  club "slush/hot dog" fund. Members also brought food donations for the food bank.

Life Memberships were presented to Ruth and Rolf Peetz, and Ken Laidlaw.

The scenery for Duane, Katherine, and Sandra on the way to the party.

President Jerome presenting life membership to Ken Laidlaw.

Presentation of life membership to Ruth and Rolf Peetz

Ready for dinner.
As requested by Ken C. - starting on the left, Gloria, Malcolm. Duane, Michael, Stephanie, Rolf, Ruth, Sandra, Jerome, Dennis, Donna, Sharon, Ken, John, Katherine, John, Jane

Silent Auction Table

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Leverite, by Peter H. Adams

Subvarieties of Leverite
By Peter H. Adams
The following varieties of stones commonly referred to as leverite have been glaringly misidentified by rock hounds who refuse to use proper scientific terminology. To alleviate any confusion, this list is a guide.
1. Asphaltite is not exhibited here. This is a rare type of Leverite from the lost content of Asphaltania. That content blew up and sent chunks throughout the world.
2. Crackacola is a subvariety of disappointment stone. Crackacola is often a quality stone, such as jasper or agate, but has so many cracks in it that cutting the stone results in only small chips. See also Dropsinite.
3. Crudite is a type of Leverite that, when cut or polished, results in considerable time cleaning the equipment, the floor, the walls, your cloths, your fellow lapidary artists, and the cat that wandered into the shop. Crudite is therefore routinely shared, despite the desires of everyone else in the shop. No examples of Crudite are exhibited here.
4. Culverite is a rare type of Leverite. Culverite is only found in culverts, ditches, and other man-made obstructions to nature, such as fast food stores.
5. Detritus is a type of mystery stone that is usually found after storms or otherwise near bodies of water where waves joyfully share this largess with the outside world in hopes that some dummy is gullible enough to take the stone home.
6. Disappointment stone is a large sub-classification of Leverite, and includes Crackacola and Meteorwrong. Disappointment stone is identified as it had great potential of not being Leverite until some poor dumb fool cut the stone. Only when removed from the saw can this material be properly identified as disappointment stone by examining the face of the owner. This piece of disappointment stone came from a gold mine in Nevada, an’ it ain’t got no dang gold in it, consarn it.
7. Dropsinite is a type of Keeper stone that when carefully dropped on the ground produces sufficiently small chips that the stone is then classified as a sub variety of disappointment stone. Dropsinite is not to be confused with Crackacola. Dropsinite is most often found only after the stone is fully and completely polished and shared among clumsy admirers.
8. Giftsenite is any stone that is a present from a well-meaning family member or friend. This material should never be identified as such in the presence of the gift giver.
9. Gypsome is a stone that a rock hound purchased for way too much money. A common means of identification is to wait for the response from the buyer “Why did I buy that hunka junk?”
10. Hernia stone (did you really think I’m crazy enough to exhibit such a rare specimen?) is a type of Leverite that is of such size and weight that only a fork lift can pick it up.
11. Krumbleacola is a subclass of Crackacola. Krumbleacola is only properly identified when cut. The resulting chips are then gleefully swept into a carefully prepared circular filing cabinet. Crumbleacola produces finer chips that Crackacola.
12. Lanfillite is a type of Leverite that, when properly identified, is most suitable for decorating a local land fill preferably left at the landfill late at night.
13. Leftover stone is any piece of unsold Leverite that is accidently-on-purpose left by a rock dealer at the end of a show as he quickly high-tails it out of the parking lot before anyone sees that the dealer left this well-intentioned present for the clean-up crew.
14. Meteorwrong is a type of Leverite that resembles a meteorite. However, this material is often manmade and is easily identified as having absolutely nothing in common with a meteorite.
15. Mystery stone is an intermediary between Keeper stone and Leverite. Mystery stone is only identified by cutting it open. At that time, the stone is then either dumped into the Keeper stone category or gleefully added to one of the subclasses of Leverite.
16. Notrock is any hard manmade material that is found often along the side of roads, trash heaps, and beaches. Examples include glass, plastic, ceramic, and last year’s Christmas fruit cake.
17. Prestonite is a special intermediary category almost identical to mystery stone. Prestonite can only be properly identified by being found in someone’s backyard. The stone must then be carefully scrutinized. On rare occasions, Prestonite does not have any of the desired qualities that are typical of Leverite. In that case, the stone is then dumped into that onerous category of Keeper stone (shudder and horror; run from the building in abject fear and loathing of the dreaded Keeper stone).
18. Trashicola is a delightful variety of Leverite that has absolutely no redeeming quality whatsoever. Trasicola is easily identified by having no attractive pattern, a uniformly ugly color, and not worthy of using even as a door stop. Trashicola is often confused with Lanfillite.
19. Scriticratchite is a type of Leverite that, despite countless efforts, simply will never polish.
20. Sliverite is any stone that is too small to use for anything, but generally comes from Keeper stone. Sliverite is often found in the scrap bin after cutting Keeper stone, or after dynamiting a deposit.
So, now you know.

Princeton Show and Field Trips

Ten club members attended the GMFC Rock and Gem show in Princeton on the weekend. Seven members went on a field trip for petrified wood on Saturday, five camped for the weekend, and four went to the river on Sunday morning. It was a good weekend with a few interesting finds.

Saturday Field Trip

View coming down Stemwinder.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Princeton October 4th and 5th - Show and Field Trips

Club campout in Princeton for show and field trips October 4th and 5th. More info at the club monthly meeting October 1st. Here is what I managed to find on the internet.

Hosted by the Princeton Rock & Fossil Club
October 4 & 5, 2014
Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

148 Old Hedley Road
turn on to Bridge Street at the Petro Can - go through town, cross single lane bridge - turn right - short distance on the right.

On both days Cam is planning trips. Meet at noon at the a&w
Abbotsford Rock and Gem club's photo.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August 8 - 10th, Club Campout and Field Trips - Westbridge

Eight club members participated in the campout and field trips on the weekend. Saturday's field trip was up the 201 from Hwy 33 to the Big White road - a planned meeting with club members for a day trip didn't work out. We waited, we checked other spots, and left a note, but never did connect.

Sunday's outing was a cool way to rock hound - in the Kettle River.

Thank-you Jerome and Sandra for your hospitality - we had a good time, and the walking wounded were good sports carrying on with their injuries. The potluck meals were great.

Basalt Columns on the 201

Basalt 1, Duane 0

Lots of green on the basalt.

Loaded by the walking wounded.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

McClure - Interior Zone Campout

4 ? club members attended the Interior Zone Campout this weekend at McClure.
Photos? Stories? anyone

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Field Trip Sunday June 8th

Seven club members enjoyed an exploratory trip and picnic on Sunday. Several stops were made along Green Mountain Road from Penticton through to Hwy 3A, then alongside Yellow Lake.

There were a few interesting finds, and it was a nice day.

June 4th Meeting, Pot-luck, Silent Auction --- A Fun Time

Thank you Jerome and Sandra for your hospitality - we had a good time, and enjoyed looking at all the rock and Sandra's paintings.

Silent Auction

Spectacular Sunset to end the evening.

Great Food

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rendezvous - Armstrong

13 club members attended Rendezvous in Armstrong on the May long weekend. The weather was mostly kind, although I would not have wanted to be in a tent. Most field trips were good, although 4 members ended up on a strenuous lengthy trek that had been posted as a 1 km hike. Here are a few photos - I welcome submissions from others who were taking photos.

Larch Hills Field Trip

Pillar Lake Field Trip

Fraser River - Richard and Mary's Trip

Monday, May 5, 2014

Notes - Club Meeting Wednesday May 7th

  • Bylaws were discussed, suggestions submitted. Revised draft will be circulated so that the bylaws may be voted on at the June 4th meeting.
  • June 4th Club Meeting is in Osoyoos - Jerome and Sandra's home - come early (4:00pm) to have a look at the rocks, potluck supper 6:00pm, bring something for the Silent Auction.
  • 11 members going to Rendezvous - if you want to travel with the convoy, meet at 10:00am on the Friday at the pull out just north of Penticton. If you would like the convoy to save you a campsite - give Donna a call.
  • Field Trip Sunday June 8th
  • October Sale will not be at Cherry Lane due to their new costly insurance policy. Other venues to be checked out prior to the June meeting.
  • Christmas Party will be December 6th - 5:00pm - 9:00pm.
  • BC Interior Campout - book your own campsite, and let them know you are coming
  • July Field Trip - possibly Clark Lake

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Red Bridge Field Trip, April 27th

12 members including 3 new ones met by the Keremeos Red Bridge for a field trip April 27th.

A rain squall came in shortly after we arrived, and we sought shelter under the bridge - what are the chances - a little spec of gold for Duane under the bridge - estimated value.........38 cents!

Many thanks to Jerome, Sandra, and Donna for bringing the supplies and preparing lunch.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upcoming Fieldtrips

Check out the Field Trips Tab. BCLS has just posted a great list of field trips.