Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August 8 - 10th, Club Campout and Field Trips - Westbridge

Eight club members participated in the campout and field trips on the weekend. Saturday's field trip was up the 201 from Hwy 33 to the Big White road - a planned meeting with club members for a day trip didn't work out. We waited, we checked other spots, and left a note, but never did connect.

Sunday's outing was a cool way to rock hound - in the Kettle River.

Thank-you Jerome and Sandra for your hospitality - we had a good time, and the walking wounded were good sports carrying on with their injuries. The potluck meals were great.

Basalt Columns on the 201

Basalt 1, Duane 0

Lots of green on the basalt.

Loaded by the walking wounded.