Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No foolin'

Club Meeting April 1st, 7:30pm Leir House

Hello all,

Our next Club meeting is this Wednesday, April 1st and hopefully everyone can make it.  We will be continuing the draw of material donated by Mr. Reorda, voting on our Club mission statement, planning events for this year, etc.


In addition, we will be gathering material for the Club display case at the Abbotsford Show, so if you have anything that you are willing to lend for the April 10th- 11th -12th weekend, please bring it to the next meeting this Wednesday.  Our theme is ROUGH FINDS AND FINISHED PRODUCTS FROM THE INTERIOR and if you bring me a brief description of where you found the material, plus your name and any other details you want to share, I’ll be able to make up some cards showing who provided it, etc.   I’m providing petrified wood from Stemwinder Mountain plus polished pieces from the Ginko Forest and Jerome will provide ocean picture rock from Rock Creek area, (correct me if I’m wrong Jerome).  FYI, we are using a broad definition of the “Interior” – meaning the interior of North AmericaJ


See you Wednesday evening!

Katherine MacNeill,


Penticton Geology and Lapidary Club