Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meeting Reminder

First meeting of the fall is Wednesday September 2nd. 7:30 pm Leir House
I am on the list for goodies.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Devastating Rock Creek Fire

The most recent update I have indicated that the wildfire stopped short of Jerome and Sandra's place at Westbridge, where we had planned to be this weekend. Highway 33 is still closed. At one point there was a structure protection crew staged by Jerome and Sandra's place.

Highway 3 opened last night, with a 50km speed limit for the 5km through the fire zone. Ground and aerial assessments are under way this morning, with a plan to inform evacuees of their losses, then a public meeting at 4:00pm at the Midway evacuation centre.

Update: 30 homes lost, plus 15 other structures.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nahatlatch Valley, Summer Camp

Seven club members made the trip through the Fraser Canyon for BCLS Summer Camp near Boston Bar. The sunset August 2nd was colourful with the smoke from the Cougar Creek fire to the north west of our camp.

Heavy smoke from the Wood Lake fire near Harrison came up the canyon Monday afternoon, prompting one asthmatic member to leave early.

Field trips included Lightning Ridge and Sacum Creek FSR for agate, a bush whacking trip for amazonite, and a walk along an active rail line for soapstone. The warm weather also prompted some to venture to bars in the Fraser River.

Hoping for more photos from other participants.

One of the many shots of the sunset.

August 3rd smoke from Cougar Creek Fire.

Fire Camp south of Lytton.

Two helicopter bases south of Lytton, two of the many machines at this base.