Saturday, April 13, 2019

More Event Photos

Club Members John and Sue

Lighting was tricky, particularly in the dirt floor building, so where I could not colour correct, I went with black and white.

Gem Show

The Gem Show and Tailgate sale were busy today - I saw four other club members while I was wandering around.

Some of the Display Cases:

Mining Theme

Saturday, April 6, 2019

April 5th Meeting

I forgot to take the camera out - thanks Duane for the program, and new member Rob for bringing a huge amethyst crystal and zinc ore sample to look at.

We already have 140 registered for Rendezvous, 60 registered for Rock Candy, and more than 40 hoping some of the 60 will cancel. We should know in about 5 weeks if the road survives the run off.

We are looking in to the possibility of arranging a Monday trip after the event - when we know more, info will be posted on the event blog site.

Discussion is underway for day trips and/or camping in Westbridge on the May long weekend to check out the access to the sites for Rendezvous - more info at the May 1st meeting.