Friday, April 16, 2021

Rob has been busy!

When Rob first joined the club, he told me his interest was mostly collecting specimens, not so much the lapidary side of things. He has been very busy - here is his update.

I've been quite active over the past year, acquiring and restoring used equipment as well as field collecting, cutting, researching, curating, historical photos... I've found  some really cool stuff including mineral ore specimens I've cut with visible gold! 

I am actively working on importing some spectacular  items from Brazil through a good friend there, about 200kg of assorted specimens and crystals, select quality items direct from the garimperos.

The smaller kyanite shown are gem or near gem grade, they are mine I have over 10 kg. so far

In exactly one year I've managed to put together an impressive  shop including - 6 saws from 8" trim, 10" cabinet, 14" drop saw, an 18" saw (all Lortone) an 18" Covington with oil cleaner and, a monster 30" wet saw!  

Polishing equipment  includes  2- 20" oscillating laps with 8 pans in restoration (courtesy Lindea 1120 club)  I Restored a nice 12" covington rotary lap,  grits, accessories,  10# Dunbar tumbler,  flexible shaft machine, jewelry making tools and more. 

Next on the agenda,  getting polishing arbors/ wheels for cabbing set up. 

I really miss the social aspect and I've been  wondering what all of you others have been up to 

If anyone  wants to visit  once covid settles  down I am more than happy  to open my doors and have socially distance  covid safely appropriate visits by prior arrangement. 

Anyone is more than welcome  to contact  me any time. 

I would invite  others to post and we can see what each other  have been up to and maybe make some plans for  the future  when appropriate.  

Sincere best regards to all 

Rob Webster