Constitution and Bylaws


adopted April 1, 2015

1. The name of the Club shall be "PENTICTON GEOLOGY AND LAPIDARY CLUB"

2. The purposes of the Club are:

-to promote and encourage the study, collecting, cutting and polishing of gemstones, minerals, rocks and other geological materials and lapidary work as a hobby

-to provide teaching of the lapidary arts and to provide the tools and resource material necessary for such instruction

-to create public awareness of the hobby by hosting display shows, sales and demonstrations

-to host educational visits for school children, youths and adults.

3. The aims of the Club shall be carried out by volunteers without the purpose of any gain or profit to any of its members. Any profit shall be used for furthering its aims.


4. In the event of dissolution of the PENTICTON GEOLOGY AND LAPIDARY CLUB, any and all assets remaining after payment of all debts and obligations shall be distributed to a recognized charitable organization with similar objects in the Province of British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada.



a. “voting member” means any member of the Club in good standing (paid to date)
b. “ordinary resolution”means a resolution passed at a general meeting by a simple majority present plus any proxies that are allowed by the Executive
c. “Bylaw amendments” are any changes to this document (one month notice of motion is required)

a. The membership year shall commence on JANUARY 1 and end on DECEMBER 31.
b. Membership fees shall be such amounts per annum as designated by the voting membership at a general meeting. Members are to be given 1 months notice of a proposed change in fees.
c. Any member who fails to pay the membership fee for the year shall be considered a delinquent member. After the first regular meeting for the year membership will be reinstated upon the delinquent member paying the required fees after the meeting.
d. New members after the meeting shall be required to pay fees within 1 month of applying to join the club.
e. Membership categories shall be
i. Family membership - two adults (children included), single adult and children, single adult;
ii. Children are covered until attaining the age of 19 (become an adult member);
iii. Junior members may join with written parental consent and club approval; and
iv. Lifetime member(s), who is a person who has rendered a special service to the Club for over 20 years. (Lifetime membership may be conferred upon these persons who have rendered a particular service to the Club that the Club wishes to honour, and such lifetime membership shall first be considered by the Executive, and, if unanimous, be recommended to the membership and shall be bestowed by vote at a regular meeting. Furthermore, Lifetime members shall not be required to pay annual membership dues to the Club or the BCLS. The Club on those members’ behalf shall pay those dues, and moreover, said Lifetime members shall retail all the same rights and privileges, including the right to vote, hold office, and make motions.)

a. The meetings of the Club shall be held during the 1st Wed of each month in a place designated by the executive of the club. Meetings shall be held in April, May, June, September, October, and November. Meetings shall start at 7 PM in a place designated by the executive.
b. Any special meetings shall be held following 1 month’s notice of the event, or after all members in good standing have been notified by phone of the impending meeting.
c. Any business enacted and voted upon at any general meeting shall become binding if a simple majority of those members present so designated.
d. The president, or in his/her absence, the vice-president of the Club shall preside as chairperson at every general meeting. In the absence of the president and the vice-president, the membership may choose one of their numbers to be chairperson.
Bylaws Amended November 7, 2018
e. A resolution put to the vote of any general meeting shall be decided by a show of hands unless three members present demand a secret ballot.
f. In the event of an equality of votes, whether on a show of hands or secret ballot, the chairperson of the meeting shall have the deciding vote.
g. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing and be signed by the president of the club or designate 48 hours before the vote is to be taken.
h. An instrument appointing a proxy may be in the following form, (see below), or in any form approved by the executive of the club.

a. The executive of the club shall consist of the following elected positions:
i. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and the non-elected position of Past President which automatically rolls from the President’s position.
b. The executive shall be elected for two-year terms at the September general meeting. Any proxies must be received and considered 3 weeks prior to that meeting.
c. Any member may stand for election for more than one term but not exceeding 2 terms in the same position. This does not preclude standing for election to another position on the executive.
d. A nominating committee shall be selected at the April meeting. Such committee shall consist of the President, and/or Vice President, and 2 club members. All nominees shall have agreed to run for a given office.
e. Nomination may be made from the floor at the general meeting provided the nominee has given their consent. In the absence of the nominee, such consent must be in writing.
f. If a vacancy occurs on the executive during the year, the executive can appoint someone on an interim basis to fill that position. The person appointed is subject to the approval of the membership at the next general meeting.
g. The day-to- day business affairs and management of the Club shall be conducted by the Executive.
h. The club executive may spend up to $200 on any single purchase between general meetings for operating the club without prior approval from the membership.
i. Any member of the executive may be removed from office by special resolution and another person may be elected or appointed by ordinary resolution to serve the balance of the term;

a. It is the duty of the President to preside at all general meetings of the Club.
b. It is the duty of the Vice President, in the absence of the President, to preside as chairperson at all meeting and otherwise to assist the President and other officers in the exercise of their respective duties as may be required.
c. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all meeting of the Club and to record accurately all minutes and proceedings. He /she shall keep a minute book with all business transacted. Minutes from the meetings shall be distributed to all members in good standing by electronic mail or postal mail.
d. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect and receive on behalf of the Club, all fees, dues, donations grants, and monies due to the Club.
a. The Treasurer shall make all payment for services etc. incurred by the club.
b. The Treasurer will keep accurate books and records of all receipts and accurate records of all assets and properties of the Club as well as all expenditures.
c. A reconciliation of the books shall be carried out from time to time as requested. Three members of the club, one being the President, may conduct the audit.
Bylaws Amended November 7, 2018
d. All cheques shall be signed by 2 of 3 designated members, one being the Treasurer and one of two others appointed by the club.
e. The Treasurer shall from time to time, prepare, and distribute financial statements indicating period of time, all income and all expenses during that period. All accounts shall be presented in this format.
An instrument appointing a proxy may be in the following form or in any other written form that the club executive approves.
I _______________________________________________ being a voting member in good standing of the Penticton Geology and Lapidary Club hereby appoint _____________________________ as a proxy, to vote on my behalf at the election (special general meeting) of the club to be held on the _______day of ___________, 20____.
Signed this __day of ________, 20__


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